The following are the requirements before State/LGA will be available for selection: -

Step 1 - Letter from State Government to Permanent Secretary/Principal Registrar of Marriage, Ministry of Interior, Old Federal Secretariat, Area 1 , Garki-Abuja seeking Approval to conduct Statutory Marriages in Nigeria.

The letter should include the following;

1 . State Government Representative Details:

  • Name of Government Representative
  • Email of Government Representative
  • Address of Govemment Representative
  • Phone number of Government Representative

2. LGA Marriage Registrar Details:

  •  Name of LGA Marriage Registrar(s)
  • Phone number of LGA Marriage Registrar(s)
  • Email Address of LGA Marriage Registrar(s)
  • Address of LGA Marriage Registry(s)

Once the Permanent Secretary/Principal Registrar of Marriage approves the application, the State/LGA will be available for selection to conduct Statutory Marriage in Nigeria.