The Ministry of Interior Citizenship and Business Department is responsible for the grant of Business Permit and Expatriate Quota positions to Companies in line with Part V, Section 36 (1) of the Nigerian Immigration Act, 2015 and Part III, Sub-section 12 (1&) of Immigration Regulations. In other words, the Department is entrusted principally with the following responsibilities:

  • Issuance of Business Permit and Expatriate Quota positions, and
  • Monitoring the execution of the Quota Positions granted in order to ensure effective transfer of technology to Nigerians and eventual Indigenization of the positions occupied by the Expatriates.

This Department is also responsible for upholding the Marriage Act, CAP M6, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (2004) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In other words, their duties include:

  • Granting of Secured Marriage Certificates.
  • Place of Worship Licensing (So Places of Worship can be legally certified to conduct Statutory Marriages in Nigeria).
  • Conducting of Statutory Marriages at the Federal Marriage Registries nationwide.

Lastly, in accordance to the Immigration Act, this Department is responsible for either granting or withdrawing of Citizenship. Their duties include:

  • Evaluating applications for Citizenship by Naturalization, Confirmation or Registration.
  • Granting of the Special Immigration Status.
  • Granting of a Temporary Residence Permit.
  • Granting of Renunciation of Nigerian Citizenship.