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Based on the provisions of immigration Act, 1963 which relates to the employment of expatriates in Nigeria, the Ministry of Interior has been charged with a lot of duties. The eCitiBiz portal thereby, is here to help facilitate these duties through automation. The various services that can be carried out on the eCitiBiz portal include:

Applications for the Grant of Establishment Quota: A company that wishes to request for an establishment quota can perform this action through our portal. The fees required for this application can be found in the fees section. All required documents for this application can also be found under “Requirement”. After the completion of all necessary steps in making this application, a notification of the approval or decline of the request would be sent.

Applications for the Renewal of Quota Positions: A company that wishes to apply for the renewal of an expatriate quota position can do this through the eCitiBiz portal. The company has to provide all necessary documentations, fill the required form, and make the payments.

Applications for Additional Quota per Slot: If additional quotas are required, the application for a request for more quotas can also be carried out through this portal. A company simply needs to fill this form as well, provide required documentations, and make necessary payments. A notification of approval for the request would be sent at the end.

Applications for Business Permits: This has to do with the application for business permits by expatriates who wish to reside in Nigeria for business purposes. The necessary documents required to complete this application can be found under requirements. All forms and documentations would be filled and uploaded on this portal. After all necessary steps and payments, a notification would also be sent on the approval or decline of this request.

Applications for the Upgrade of Quota to PUR: Upgrading ones quota from yearly renewal to “Permanent until Reviewed” can also be done on this portal. This is when a company wishes for a quota position to be permanent, instead of it being subject to yearly renewals. The required documents for this process have also been listed on this portal, the applications and all payments can also be carried out efficiently on eCitiBiz.

Applications for Re-Designation of PUR: This is the process where by a company Re-designates their PUR (Permanent until Reviewed) privileges from an old expatriate to a new expatriate that is being brought into the country. This occurs when a company wishes to transfer its PUR privileges from one expatriate to a new one. This process enables the company to avoid the wait of 15 to 20 years after bringing in the new expatriate to apply for a new “Permanent Until Reviewed” positions. The old one loses his privileges while the new one acquires it. This application attracts a fee that would be paid.