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In accordance with the 1990 Marriage Act, all places of worship need to be licensed in order to conduct marriages legally in Nigeria. A place of worship can only be licensed by the Ministry of Interior, and the eCitiBiz portal works to make this licensing process more efficient. All marriages would be registered and stored in the eCitiBiz database. 

The activities that can be performed on the eCitiBiz portal are: 

Licensing of Place of Worship: The Ministry also has the duty of licensing places of worship, in order to enable them to legally conduct marriages in Nigeria. The application for licensing a place of worship can also be carried out on this portal. A License certificate that is valid for two years is issued after the application has been approved, and all necessary payments have been made. All places of worship that wish to conduct marriages legally in Nigeria must be licensed. This first certificate is valid for two years and renewable after this two year period. 

Renewal of Place of Worship License: After the period of two years, a place of worship is mandated to renew their license every year.