Requirements on Approval of the Local Government Registry for the Conduct of Statutory Marriage:

  • Photographs of the Interior and Exterior view of the Registry.
  • Conducive environment for public gathering.
  • Adequate ventilation of the environment.
  • Enough Entry and Exist points.
  • Fire extinguishers strategically mounted.
  • Public Address System.
  • Fireproof cabinet for safe keeping of valuable documents.
  • Electricity supply and backup generator.
  • Water closet system with adequate water supply.
  • Adequate parking space.
  • Health and Safety standards.

LGA Marriage Registrar and Deputy Registrar Details:

  • Two Passport Photograph.
  • Staff identity Card.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • State of Origin Certificate.
  • Educational Certificate.
  • First Promotion Letter.
  • Last Promotion Letter.

Note: All documents should be uploaded.